Montag, 1. April 2013

† everybody knows, subway art and hip hop files, street play is another great book of the legendary Martha Cooper. i really love her pics. †

Sonntag, 31. März 2013

As a huge TWD fan I can't wait for the final episode of Season 3 tonight. And the Sneak Peeks just drive me crazy!!

But i'm not so sad, cause Season 3 of "Game of Thrones" starts at the same time. Finally!

Gotta get into the right mood for it.

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

† have to go outside NOW †

† on my ears: first single of MURAMASAs new EP

Ψ Ω Π Birdcage Chain Γ Δ φ

Dienstag, 26. März 2013

† wow. can't belive it. today was a really sunny day. hope the cold freezing dark depressive weather will not come back.

† was the perfect weather for the Summer Of Haze ≠ Smoke Smoke Tape. 

† + didn't get this song out of my head. love it so much ∆lex Young edit of Cults - Bad Things 

<3 by VIDAM

Montag, 25. März 2013


im leaving you with this video by black ‘fucking amazing‘ ceiling. peace


† fast tunes ≠ nearly running. pushing forward. great clean production. that's Sarantis 





Sonntag, 24. März 2013

† sunday morning, snow again, fuck it.

† 5 months ago ≠ αtu ≠ dropped his huge track : promise_ya, hope u all can remember. now there is something new, lovely, emotional music from michigan based ‘αtu‘ . Pictures on Silence consists out of 5 beautiful heart-touching tracks. great. i think this is something really special and deserves a lot of attention, not just because it is such a great production.NO. the most important thing is that all proceeds will go to the aid group EveryChild in hopes of providing some financial assistance to children based in rural areas of malawi. <3 share it.

Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

† Sanctuary made a lovely edit of 
Synesthesia - Wash Away≠ 
checkt it <3 †

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

† today was a good day. found some very nice tracks. from slow heavy weight stuff like †Ɍïɭɭ $С∅†† ӇÈЯ∅N  to sweet stuff of Rustie. here my top 5 of the day:

1. JSTJR ≠ /ˈjesCHər/ ≠ nice Bootleg

2.first official collaboration between Shlohmo and Jeremih ≠ Bo Peep (Do U Right) ≠

3. †Ɍïɭɭ $С∅†† ӇÈЯ∅N ≠ edit of Verve - WrKD ≠

4. Lockah - Young Neon Countach ≠ out on his new EP ≠Only Built 4 Neon Nites ≠

5. new single from Rustie ≠ booth sides out on Numbers :

check this out. IИdЄB X † W.D:I.S † volume 2.
wowowow. what a nice mixtape again of our friend from poland!
listen to his great selection and some realllly nice UNRELEASED STUFF of him.
thanks a lot again, we love you <3<3<3